Guest Blogging Guidelines

Everyday we receive requests from people who want to share awesome guest posts on Real Estate Heights. Below are some easy to follow guidelines that will help you as a guest blogger, and of course help you building your business. After all that’s why anyone guest blogs to begin with.

We’re always looking for bloggers who have knowledge in some form of real estate, and who can engage our audience. Follow these guidelines below to ensure all your posts are approved by our moderators. We reserve the right to delete anything we find to violate these guidelines, our terms of use, privacy policy, and disclaimer.

Read this entire guideline to help your posts get published, and help them generate lots of traffic. Just follow the steps.

Guest Topics

Here at Real Estate Heights we are open to posts on everything pertaining to real estate agents, home stagers, mortgage brokers, and home inspectors. Our blog is visited and followed by real estate professionals worldwide who enjoy our website  because we teach valuable information.

Guest Blogging Post Length

The length of your post can be of any length but we encourage our authors to keep it around 500-600 words. A post that is too long makes it very difficult to read, and can bore the reader. But if it’s a great post and a lot of information feel free to write as long as you like. A post that is too short won’t provide enough information, and search engines won’t rank it. The minimum amount of words is 350.


Headings are great for breaking up your guest posts, and will help make them much easier to read. It also gives it a much better appearance. Use the bold or h1/h2/h3 tag to wrap your subheadings.


If you have any experience blogging you will notice that most great blog posts all have images. Images are great for getting your point across, and also help to make the post look sexier.

  • Images can be of any size – but the maximum width is 750 pixels.
  • Any images used on our site must have the proper clearance. You can’t just steal people’s images and use it in your post. That’s against the law and we will not be held responsible. For images where permission is granted, the proper credit is required in the post to the owner with a backlink.

Tip: If you make a post without an image because you don’t have one, we may add one for you that we feel is appropriate. Again we strive to make it a great experience for our readers.


Our moderators will regularly check and edit posts submitted to Real Estate Heights by our guest bloggers. We will not rewrite your article, but will verify that there are no grammar errors, or bad readability. We may also make edits, title changes, image changes, to name a few. Everything we do is to keep our readers in mind and ensure the search engines love our content. After all the point is to get great traffic to your posts.

In-post Links

Links in your posts are allowed and encouraged if they are relevant to the topic you’re writing about, and provided those websites you link to are not currently penalized by search engines for spammy tactics. It is up to you to verify that the websites your articles link to are considered good valuable websites. Again search engines frown when you link to bad websites, and that will hurt your posts rankings in search engines. If you are linking to a source for your article, proper credit or attribution should be included. Linking to your own website in the article is prohibited since you will already have a link in your author profile below each article you post.

We also encourage linking to some of your other posts provided they fit with what your discussing. You can do this with anchor text easily. For example (Are you interested in becoming a guest blogger on Real Estate Heights?) As you can see we have linked to a page on our site that is about become a guest blogger on Real Estate Heights. This creates a great user experience, and search engines love it.

Author Box / Credit For Your Posts

As a valued guest blogger on our website we want to help you build your authority and following on your subject. So each guest blogger can include their headshot, or logo, website address, FaceBook URL, Twitter profile, LinkedIn profile, YouTube Channel, and Google+ profile to grow your audience. We also allow up to 2 links in the description of your bio, but they may not be affiliate links or point to junk sites that are clearly for the purposes of promoting products.

Image On Author Box

To have your headshot or logo show up on your author box, sign up for a free account on Gravatar with the same email address you will use on Real Estate Heights. You will receive a confirmation link to that email address. Click it, and assign an image for that email, along with the rating. Once that is finished anytime you post on Real Estate Heights with that email, the image you assigned will automatically populate.

Proper Category For Your Post

When making a post to our website, make sure you select the proper category on the right side of the post page. If you’re writing about home staging, post in home staging. If you’re writing about home inspections, post in home inspections. Simple and will make it easy for search engines to index your post, and easier for our readers to find it.

Adding Tags To Your Post

When making a post we encourage you to add tags to your post that are relevant. Tags are like keywords and will help your posts be found and indexed. Don’t over do it. Just use 3 or 4 different variations of the keyword you are targeting in your post. For advanced guest bloggers use the Google Keyword Planner Tool to find keywords with good search volume, and low competition to help it get ranked faster. The best way is to find keywords that have less then 80,000 competing websites when searching in quotes like this “why to stage your home”

If you copy and paste “why to stage your home” including the quotes into Google you will see about 80,000 competing websites. Good keyword to target provided it generates traffic. This is why it’s essential to use the Google Keyword Planner Tool.

We have great plugins designed to help you write highly sticky content for search engines. But remember it should be for the reader not search engines when you write. If the article is hard to read, it won’t matter how much traffic it generates for your post. Do not try and write a post for highly competitive keywords as they won’t get any traffic and will be hard to find.

Do Not Spam Your Posts With Spammy Backlinks

Search engines frown on websites that use blackhat methods to try and rank their content. If you will leave a backlink to your post on a relevant website where you feel it will provide value to that website’s readers, this is fine provided your not mass over doing it. But buying loads of backlinks is against search engine guidelines and your posts will be penalized by them. You should not be doing this to your own websites either. Big no no. If you write great content people will link to it naturally over time and that’s what you want.

We constantly monitor our website and anyone found to be engaging in this kind of behavior will be immediately banned, posts removed, and may be held liable if damage is caused to our website because of this practice.

Respond to Comments – The biggest mistake most guest bloggers make is not responding to comments. When people comment on your posts, this is a great chance to engage your readers, and build your following. Comment, and respond to their questions, comments, concerns and comment your way to success.

Promote the article via social media – With search engines putting a great emphasis on social sharing it will also help when you share your post on Facebook, Twitter, and more. It’s very easy to do. Once your post has been published, the sharing buttons are located just below the post. The more people you share with, and like it, the bigger your following will get.

Link to the post on your own website or blog – People who already visit your website and blogs are already interested in what you have to say. So why not show them that your a registered guest blogger on Real Estate Heights. This will help build your credibility, and your following.

If you follow this entire guideline, you should enjoy great success as a guest blogger for Real Estate Heights

Exclusivity & Copyright

Any post submitted to Real Estate Heights needs to be exclusively for use on Real Estate Heights. Search engines frown on duplicate content. So if you have written a post on your own website, or another website do not copy and paste since it will probably be sandboxed by Google and no one will see it anyway. You can rewrite that article about the same subject for our website but it must be at least 80% unique.

All posts are to be used once, and once only. You agree not to reproduce the post or article on your own blog, newsletter, website, or anyone else’s. Again Google has a duplicate content filter that will find it and ignore it. Once your article or post is published on Real Estate Heights, reproduction without the permission of Real Estate Heights is in violation of our guidelines.

All authors agree that once an article or post in published to Real Estate Heights, it becomes the property of Real Estate Heights, and you give us your consent to reproduce such content in any way, in any form of media without any compensation to you. Real Estate Heights will retain copyright ownership of all articles posted on our website.