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Become A Guest Blogger Of Real Estate HeightsReal estate heights is a blogging platform for real estate professionals worldwide. We are always looking for great guest bloggers that are capable of writing original articles for our blog Real Estate Heights.

Our guest bloggers are licensed professionals in their field and provide great tips on building your real estate business whether you’re a real estate agent, mortgage broker, home stager, or home inspector.

How Can You Become One Of Our Guest Bloggers?

Becoming a guest blogger is easy. Just send us links to your website or blog where you currently write so we can see your work and if we like what we see, welcome aboard!

What Are The Benefits Of Being Our Guest Blogger?

Authors who can contribute at least one post per week receive:

1) Exposure, exposure, and more exposure. By posting to our website regularly you will receive exposure to your own websites, cement yourself as an authority on your subject, and garner a tremendous following of fans. Easily share your posts on all your social media platforms.

2) All guest bloggers receive login information to our site and can log in anytime from anywhere in the world to post.

3) All guest bloggers receive their own author profile box which will appear at the bottom of each of their posts. You can include your headshot or logo, website address, and social media profiles like Facebook, twitter, and more… The more often you post on our website, the more backlinks you receive to your own website to help it rank in search engines. It will also help you in getting more followers on your social media networks.

4) Visitors to our website will click your links and generate traffic for your website, and help you build your business.

5) Promotion of your blog posts to our newsletter subscribers growing quickly every single day.

FYI: Guest bloggers who don’t contribute regularly on a weekly basis may be removed from our active contributor page where followers find our authors.

Rules To Join Real Estate Heights As Guest Blogger?

  1. All articles posted to Real Estate Heights must be used only once.  Under no circumstances should any articles posted to Real Estate Heights be reproduced anywhere else including your own blog, website, or anywhere else period. Search engines frown upon duplicate content, and we will not tolerate duplicate content.
  2. Guest bloggers may not link to their own blogs or website in any articles they contribute to Real Estate Heights. Our guest bloggers already receive backlinks in their author profile. If you are referencing articles or news from other websites, you must attribute your sources. NO LINKS IN ANY ARTICLES BACK TO YOUR WEBSITE. This eliminates posts with the sole intention of promoting your own site. That does not contribute to the community. You will already get promotion in your author profile box below each of your posts.
  3. Guest bloggers agree not to post any affiliate links in any of their posts. Using our site to promote your affiliate products is prohibited.
  4. Guest bloggers will receive an author profile below each of their posts including their bio with up to 2 links, headshot or logo, website address, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube.
  5. Guest bloggers agree to contribute at least one original article per week or risk being removed as a guest blogger from Real Estate Heights.
  6. Guest authors are expected to follow copyright laws pertaining to information, images, trademarks, and more and agree not to infringe on others rights. Real Estate Heights will not be responsible for those that break the law.
  7. For images used in your posts, they must be original or from public domain. You are expected to properly credit images that you use when required, and you are responsible for making sure that the conditions of using those images are adhered too. Real Estate Heights will not be responsible for guest authors that violate copyright law.
  8. You must be a licensed realtor, licensed mortgage broker, certified home stager, or certified home inspector to join. Please do not apply if your not as you will not be accepted.
  9. Once an article is posted to Real Estate Heights, it becomes property of Real Estate Heights.

NOTE: By agreeing to contribute to Real Estate Heights, you must agree to all of the above conditions.

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To join simply contact us with your details and we will get back to you quickly.

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